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Mr. Scott Heydenfeldt
Master Instructor

Mr. Heydenfeldt is a leading martial arts practitioner. Having over 20 years of martial arts experience, Mr. Heydenfeldt holds two black belts in two different styles--Kenpo and Karate.

He has won several prestigious tournaments including the Long Beach Internationals, the COMPETE International Martial Arts Championships, the San Diego Grand Internationals, and the USA World Internationals in Las Vegas, NV. He is well-regarded by his peers for his versatility within the competition world. He has earned championships in many different divisions including Sparring, Kata, and Weapon.

Mr. Heydenfeldt continues to remain heavily involved within the community. He is also a strong advocate of higher education and academic excellence. Mr. Heydenfeldt is on the Board of Directors of the following organizations:

County of Los Angeles--Community Action Board

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity--California State Polytechnic University Pomona, CA
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