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Our karate program consists of a comprehensive curriculum that takes students on a martial arts journey from white belt to the ultimate goal of black belt. Our specialized curriculum includes traditional Japanese katas that are centuries old, striking techniques, blocking drills, weapons training, and sparring.

We teach our classes in a group environment which allows for student/instructor interaction and student/student interaction. Our class structure promotes strong physical fitness in addition to strong leadership skills.

Business hours M-F from 4pm to 8pm, Saturdays By Appointment, and Sundays Closed.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4:00-4:45pm KATA - - KATA - - CLOSED
4:45-5:30pm KATA - - KATA REVIEW - CLOSED
5:30-6:15pm KATA Sparring-BEG/INT Sparring-BEG/INT KATA REVIEW - CLOSED
6:15-7:00pm KATA Sparring-INT/ADV Sparring-INT/ADV KATA REVIEW - CLOSED
7:00-7:45pm KATA Adult/Advanced Tournament Team KATA REVIEW - CLOSED
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