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" son (age 4) has become more confident in himself and less timid...I am proud to say that my son has become stronger and more social...Sensei Scott is an excellent teacher!"
--Aida (Proud Parent)

"...California Karate Dojo is a positive atmosphere where my son is building his self-esteem and life skills. Sensei Scott has done a wonderful job at teaching my son responsibility, confidence, and consistency!"
--The Samuelson Family

"I am very happy with the discipline and responsibility my son has learned from Sensei Scott. My son’s self-esteem has dramatically improved since we joined the California Karate Dojo!"
--Andrea (Proud Mom)

" son was a very shy kid, with little confidence and like many kids had trouble listening, following directions, and sitting still...I’ve noticed and seen dramatic changes in my son’s behavior, attitude, and he is confident, social, and enthusiastic since he started taking karate at California Karate Dojo!"
--Stephanie (Proud Parent)

"...being a karate student at California Karate Dojo has opened my mind and body to new things--respect, discipline, self-control, self-defense, and confidence..."
--Robert (Proud Parent and Student)
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