5:30PM-7:00PM KATA Beginner/ Novice/11 yrs & under KUMITÉ Beginner/ Novice/11 yrs. & under
7:00PM-8:30PM KATA Intermediate/Adv./12 yrs. & up KUMITÉ Intermediate/Adv./12 yrs. & up

Karate training involves kata (form) and kumité (sparring).

Katas are pre-arranged sets of various movements including stances, blocks, and strikes that vary in complexity from basic to advanced. These forms teach students the fundamental movements of karate and the control that comes with learning these foundational elements.

Kumité or sparring is the application of the movements that karate students learn from practicing kata. Students wear protective equipment on their hands and feet and spar each other. They learn how to apply the movements of kata on an opponent. Karate is inherently defensive in nature and not to be used in an offensive manner. However, it is through kumité that students learn, practice, and apply offensive and defensive strategy.

Karate classes are memorization intensive. Students are expected to retain past knowledge in order to progress in rank. The examinations and testings that are conducted are cumulative. Due to the rigorous memorization that is expected, students revisit past knowledge and concepts regularly.